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Selling - Dc's Of Stuff

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These are the things I currently have for sale.  All quantites are in Double Chests! (so 3x means I have 3 DCs of that item)


This is not an auction so I can edit this post as items get sold or as I acquire more items.  Don't waste your time reporting or you can get in trouble for making a false report.


Clearly banned players can't pay so no PMing me if you're banned, I'm not waiting for your appeal.  First come, first serve...


I will for the most part accept any reasonable offer.  If you buy in bulk, (ie, starting store, building faction area) I will be more than happy to work on a better deal.  


Please do not post your offers or request items in this thread!  I don't want impromptu bidding wars here.  Please PM me in forums or in-game and we can negotiate there.  


If the item is listed below, it is still available.  If multiple people PM on the same item, I will sell it to the person who offered the most.  


All items are sold as DC's.  I will not sell partials, only whole DC's for sale!  


PROOF OF ITEMS! - https://imgur.com/gallery/cetRIxj


3x - Oak Logs

1x - Oak Leaves

1x - Oak Saplings

2x - Apples

1x - Vines

1x - Spruce Logs

3x - Birch Logs

1x - Dark Oak Logs

1x - Jungle Logs

1x - Acacia Logs

1x - Mixed Saplings (9 stacks of each of the 6 saplings)

1x - Grass Block

1x - Terracotta

1x - Rose Bushes

1x - Bone Block

1x - Gravel

1x - Coarse Dirt

1x - Ice

1x - Packed Ice

1x - Melon Block

1x - Pumpkin

1x - Sea Lantern

1x - Cactus

1x - Spider Eyes

1x - Nether Rack

3x - White Wool

1x - Bricks

1x - Andesite

1x - Diorite

1x - Granite

1x - Stone Slabs

1x - Bones

2x - Sugar Cane

1x - Hay Bales 63k - SOLD

1x - Wheat  7k - SOLD




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What type of terracotta?




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What type of terracotta?


According to minecraft, its just called Terracotta so that's what I listed it as.


Good ole take a block of clay, stick it in the oven and bake it, plain uncolored terracotta...



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I'd like to buy all your wools. Tell me your price for it.

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