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3. Forum Rules

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Forum Rules


In addition to our in-game rules, we have seen fit to draw up a set of guidelines that specifically pertain to the forums. Please read these carefully. Failure to follow these rules may result in a permanent and unappealable removal from the forums.



Rules for courtesy on the forums:

  • - Never blatantly disrespect staff or any other player. Just as it is in game, rudeness and malicious trolling will not be tolerated. Pretend to get along or ignore people, if you must.
  • - Do not start or perpetuate arguments. It's fine to discuss and debate things, but keep it civil. If it gets out of hand and staff has to get involved, there will be consequences.
  • - Do not harass other players. If a player asks you to stop talking to them or bringing them up, do so. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable here, regardless of your vices or attractions.


Guidelines for Banned Players:

  • - If you are banned in game, please follow this ban appeal procedure [Click Here]!
  • - Do NOT private message staff, or you will be one step closer to a forum ban as well.
  • - Do not lie on your ban appeal. there will be permanent consequences, and we have ways of finding you out!
  • - If you are NOT the person who was banned, then do not post in Ban Appeals WITHOUT a good reason. Play it safe and get approval from staff, first.


Guidelines for Trading:

  • - Do not scam or even attempt to scam other players here. If you post a trade or an auction, it is your responsibility to see it through, or cancel if you must.
  • - We do not allow Real World Trading on TeamExtreme. Guidelines for what is and what is not allowed have been posted in the past, but they will be reiterated in a separate post, soon.
  • We have specific rules for auctions held on the forums. Please CLICK HERE to read the "Auction Rules" thread before bidding or hosting your own!


Forum Rules that can result in a permanent ban:

  • - Do not post any pornographic images or links, or anything that may be illegal and cause problems for us. You will likely be banned permanently
  • - No Troll Accounts - You are allowed ONE account, and that is your own. There is no reason you should have to make another unless specifically permitted by staff. Accounts made to evade a past forum ban or troll other players will result in a permanent ban on all of your forum accounts.
  • - No Spam bots - We know you aren't reading this, but you aren't welcome here. You will be banned on sight. :)



Some rules have greater consequences than others and have been worded to reflect this. Those which do not result in a permanent ban will result in a warning from a staff member and a mark against your forum account. If enough marks accrue (and it does not take many,) you will lose your forum-posting privileges permanently.

Again: If you are banned from the forums, you CAN NOT appeal. Further, if you are banned from the forums, that will prevent you from appealing in-game bans, too, so take care to follow these rules very carefully!

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