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New MineCraft Download 1.6.2

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a alot of people try to download the new minecraft so they can play it but they cant because so time the download have a little error

to it or that the download have a catch to it but they dont want but that the only way to finish the download

or the download will work for one computer but not the other computer or you can download but you need to pay to play

so here is a better tip for people with this stupid errors if you really want to play the game but some thing on the computer is stoping you than take things in ur own hands dont ask for help if you know they are going to make you mad 

p.s i dont care if so people hate my answer or question but so what i dont care just like these people who say it free or no download the computer have stupid answers for your good questions so good luck who have these errors  :angry: < you / me >  :D

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