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1/20/2015 Server hardware upgrade

  • Tomorrow Jan. 21, the server is moved to a faster machine. Expect hours of downtime.

1/1/2015 Happy New Year!

  • We have replaced the SSD Drive and the server is back online! We will hold off processing donations for 1 day just to make sure everything is normal and will resume processing them shortly.

12/30/2014 Hardware issue

  • The SSD game disk appears to have crashed.  We do have backups. This will be a while to fix.

10/23/2014 Few changes to the site

  • Updated the websites side bar, fixing a few issues
  • Added a custom scroll bar to the sites main page, no more ugly default scroll bar.
  • IOS scrolling bug fix.
  • Fixed a few other small bugs.

10/22/2014 2nd website update

  • The 2nd update for the website is now live. This update is to adjust the scale and implement aspects of the forums into the site, as well as matching the site to the new design of the forums that will also be implemented in the future.

10/01/2014 Website update

  • The website got a redesign.

10/27/2013 TeamExtreme 1.7.2 launcher is now out!

  • Our new launcher has been released and now supports Minecraft 1.7.2.
  • New UI
  • Completely recoded
  • Support for the latest snapshots and builds

9/25/2013 Server update to 1.6.4

  • The server has now been updated to 1.6.4

9/19/2013 Official release 1.6.4 problem

  • The gameserver is still on 1.6.2, and your launcher will auto-update to 1.6.4. To play on TE, edit your profile, and set it to "release 1.6.2".

8/11/2013 New Server

  • The gameserver will be down for a bit as it's moving to new hardware. There will be no change to the map.

7/15/2013 TeamExtreme Launcher Update

  • Added a launcher skin.
  • Added Premium Mode.
  • Added an option to keep the console window open.
  • Added Remembering last usernames used per profile.
  • Fixed a border bug.
  • Fixed an occasional start up crash bug.
  • Massive code cleanup.

7/9/2013 TE Minecraft Client 1.6.2 released

  • Our 1.6.2 Minecraft launcher has been released.

7/6/2013 TE Minecraft Client 1.6.1 released

  • We just released our new Minecraft launcher but there is much more to come. What you're seeing right now is our proof of concept. This new launcher has the same UI structure as the new official launcher but we will be doing a few improvements to it. Don't worry your Minecraft launcher will update automatically.

6/25/2013 News live again

  • You can now expect live updates here again. We made it easier to post.
  • Teamspeak is extended with more users.
  • The current Minecraft version our server is using, is 1.5.2

11/18/2012 Network Issue

  • We have the new server setup however we have a network issue, so for the time being we have turned the server back on with this old hardware. The server IP is and the DNS "Play.TeamExtremeMc.com" will take some time to update, so in the mean time use that IP.

11/18/2012 TeamSpeak Back Online

  • Our TeamSpeak is back up. Please connect with Ts.TeamExtremeMc.com

11/17/2012 Server Upgrades

  • We have changed the DNS "Play.TeamExtremeMc.com" to point to the IP of the new server hardware, this can take anywhere to about 2-3 days to affect almost every country. Our new server will be ready soon, we ran into an issue and had to reinstall the OS, for an odd reason the DNS seems to have already updated and is now sending you to the new IP of the server hardware ahead of scheduled. This was very quick and I don't think I'll change it back. We will just keep the server down till the upgrade is done.

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