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The Last One

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My ingame Name: GreenProng

Reason: Everyone gone.

Names on lockettes to be removed: All of them.

Faction Name: All of them.

World: All of them.

Coords: Everywhere.

No. of lockettes: Literally over 9000.


This one's for all the staff members that did lockettes. I don't know what happened towards the end and so few popped, but you stepped up. Here's to everyone that did this crappy job day and day out.


It's been fun.

Edited by GreenProng, 10 November 2018 - 06:33 PM.

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Nothing beats closing out the lockette section with a final farewell lockette post from the one, and only Green Prong...


I have to say thanks for all the fun you've brought me, and others over the years with your lockette request...


It was a blast, and one of the many joys of being staff....


Sincerely, Ghoof


#Ghooftastic Staff

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Farewell TeamExtreme, and thanks for the great journey we've all had together!



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All praise the God of looting

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