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Goodbye Te

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no words for this ........

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Hello, a regular, inactive member of TE server here. I've been a member for two years, i think. but i haven't spend much time on the server as of late, nor the forums, or even the discord server. I don't even have a premium account which means this is (possibly) the only server i can join.

Today i noticed that the server didn't load at all, so i decided to check here, i must say that this is pretty sad.

But it's okay, fate must be accepted, everything has an end, fun and experience was had. Honestly, i'm not upset at all. I got pretty used to it- this is just how life goes.


Thank you for all of your efforts, Raidmax, staff, and everyone else!


I can only hope to have as much fun as i had in this server once more.


edit: apparently i can join other cracked servers, but i'm pretty sad this one is gone, it was one of a kind.

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don't know what to say came back after a long time just to find TE is no more...i wish you guys rethink about it...we were a community not just any random server...i will miss TE

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As server is closed, there are no much things to do in forums only.

Goodbye guys :(


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