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Mistborngamingyt X-Ray B1 By Cybben

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X-Raying B1

I had found that base a few days ago, had started to mine, and when I discovered it had already been mined out yesterday, I attempted to sell it today (you can look in the chat logs) for 15k, which was the price I had been given when someone came to check it out. I originally offered it for 60k to get someone's attention, and they told me it was only worth 15k, but they never bought it. their username was TheKillerMAMA. if you ask EnderKox (B2 mainly) I was part of his B2 fac, as his officer, and I was building a base underground right underneath his watermelon farm, as he said I could. I am sorry for having cause you guys any greif, and for the long message (that was as compact as I could get it), but I personally have not x-rayed. I have goofed around with shaderpacks, like the wave shaderpack, and Sues shaderpack, so that's why my movement may have looked junky and/or maybe suspicious. (They are cool shaders btw)



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i have no ide what you talk about here, all i know is you use x-ray to mine after ores in buildworld 1.

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