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Stealed Or Killed Horse

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hello, im reporting because when i relog i dont found my horses in cage but away and i lost one of them, can anyone say to me who kill or steal my horse pls?

and i dont found the saddle too, i lost 4 saddles and one diamond horse armoor pls!


my in-game name: SuperAleCasaz03

faction name: ITALY

what was taken: 4 saddles and 1 diamond horse armoor adn i lost one horse

coordinates: 2594; 75; -3151

world: build world 4

who u suspect and why: i dont suspect my faction members because i block the perms to open container for this week but maybe one of they take the horses and kill one horse, maybe "nizza06" because he dont join in the server for 3 weeks and i see the last join was 5 hours ago


pls see the screenshoot to see the horses, in past they was 4 with saddle and one with diamond horse armoor


thank you,



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