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2 in 1 men

2 in 1 men


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Your in-game name: 2_in_1_men

Faction Name (if applicable): FriendsRBest

What was taken: Nothing yet, but I was trapped (managed to survive)

Where it was taken from: Everything you carry with you

Coordinates (X, Y, Z) type out the coordinates, do not refer to a picture: I do not know this, but it's the /f home of FriendsRBest

Server / World: B4

Who you suspect and why: Dark_cat, because he/she is the one who invited me to the faction, and then lured me to do /f home. At /f home, there is some suffocation going on. I was able to tp away using /portal, but some others won't be.

Screenshots (if any): I was too busy creating an account for this forums, so I couldn't go into my chat history any further...



    Enderdragon Slayer

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Seems accidental, set the f home, then built faction home.


Only needed to jump to stop suffocating, Moved F home anyway.


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