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Faction Theft And Greifed In B2

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Your in-game name: justsay_yes
Faction Name : EmpireOfBeltona
What was taken: beacon, anvils, items of item frames, and there was a greifing too
Where it was taken from: public places in the faction like the palace and the place of fishing (in front of my house) , CaptainMinecraft house, my house, my underground storage, my bakery 
Coordinates (X, Y, Z):
 in front of my house -1408 65 939
In front of my bakery -1423 65 950
My underground storage -1412 58 935
 The place of the beacon -1400 62 928
The palace of the faction -1312 56 1100
CaptainMinecraft house -1468 104 863
The public enchanting room -1403 65 967
 Server / World: 2
Who you suspect and why: x_Kathy_x, she was online after I have logged off  , I invited her yesterday, so she did that, x_Dickens_x think that too

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Hello,  x_Kathy_x was banned for griefing and items were rolled back.

If you still notice something out of place please let us know below in this forum post and a location plus what is missing.

Thanks and good luck.



During this forum writing.  I went back to in-game and noticed you were trying to kill our Staff sharkbyte with a hole and fire.

You then got banned.  Make a ban appeal at http://appeals.TeamExtremeMc.com

During this ban time do not login to the game until your ban has been handled. Thanks.

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