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I'm Banned And My Appeal Denied, Can I Apologise More?

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Can I submit another apology to staff, my brother also has an account running from the same PC, can I at least let my brother play, or it's the same as evading??
I was against the rules once and don't want that again.



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Once u have been denied there is no coming back. Sorry but you are no longer welcome here on TE.

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Things that can't be appealed.
Not every offense can be appealed so read through the the list of things that can't be appealed.

  • Xraying
  • Mass spamming
  • Attempting to hack the server.

We go through a lot of ban appeals and if you want to get unbanned, don't even think about using the following excuses or your post will be closed.

  • "I don't know why i am banned, i have done nothing wrong." You would not be banned if you did nothing wrong. Also we have heard this plenty of times:
  • "My brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin/billy bob/ president did it and I don't deserve to be banned." It gets you no where.


Here is what not to do.
Doing the following may result in a permanent ban:

  • PM staff with your ban request or for status on your ban request.
  • Bother staff about ban requests or for status updates on the "chat" section of the forums
  • Constantly ask about your ban request.
  • Talk shit to the mods/admins that hold your appeal in their hands.
  • Lie.
  • Make multiple posts about your ban.
  • DO NOT attempt to put one of us against the other. It won't work. We will all just be unified in kicking your ass out.
  • Posting a fake account name to remove a IP ban (It will not work and will be declined).
  • Bump your post within 24h.
  • Log into game on another account (ban evading)!


You aren't welcome to Team Extreme Anymore, Sorry...




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once denied, always denied. No turning back. Cya mate have fun in life.

FK Signatures!!

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