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Animals And Quartz Grief In B3, Fac: Lacigalle

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In-game name:

Diafwl (First acc VirtusWitchitsu)



Faction Name (if applicable):




What was taken:

1 horse,

1 mule,



and sheeps: number indeterminate.

(maybe rabbits, i don't know.)

also 2 duos of quartz stairs (old, 1 week ?, changed).



Where it was taken from:

1 mule from Coh89 shop (GreatLogs, price 12600),

1 horse from an old fac member who left him there(replaced in horse plot),

pigs from natural gen (wilderness to fac) and reproduction,

sheeps from natural gen (wilderness to fac) and reproduction,

cows from natural gen (wilderness to fac) and reproduction.

(MAYBE rabbits from animals traps from my fac natural gen(wilderness to fac), in b4.)

( 2 duos of quartz stairs crafted by me or bought in Sciencelover89 (Astromall) shop.)



Coordinates (X, Y, Z) type out the coordinates, do not refer to a picture:

horse : XYZ : 1288.788/78.00000/2596.046.

mule : XYZ : 1288.859/78.00000/2581.021.

pigs : XYZ : 1261.104/78.00000/2580.752.

cows : XYZ : 1262.565/78.00000/2589.185.

sheeps: XYZ : 1267.048/78.00000/2592.262.

1st quartz stairs duo : XYZ : 1234.093/77.00000/2589.367.

2nd quartz stair duo : XYZ : 1234.682/77.00000/2597.752.



Server / World:




Who you suspect and why:

torus, fac member, because he is always here when i'm not, and always when we have griefs.



Screenshots (if any):

no screen.

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