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Fil Map Bug

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Date: 30/06/2018

Approximate time: 12:30

Timezone: UK

Server(s): Minigames

In-Game Name: HotLava02

Minecraft version: 1.12 (not relevant as this happens on everyone)

Describe the issue: Gravel blocks in the FIL map allow players to win rounds, and they are never destroyed. These fall to the lava when stacked and people can stand there forever which can even make unlimited time rounds; plus these stay there forever, they don't regen

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Break a block under gravel in the center of the map

  2. Stack at least 2 blocks I presume

  3. Stand on top of the gravel




If this should be done in PMs please say so for me to delete this text, as this bug is highly exploitable to win rounds.




Thanks in advance

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I also saw this bug. I am thinking about some ways to solve this:

1. If gravel (or sand, if there would be other map, too) would fall to lava, it would gone..

2. Make that the gravitation wouldn't work on gravel (or sand, if there would be other map, too) 

3. Just delete gravel (or sand, if there would be other map, too, of course) from map :/


Edit: I think that 2nd option would be the best, but its for Your opinion.

Thank you

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ok, fixed

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