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Placing "shop Signs" Tutorial.

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Hello everyone.
In that tutorial, I'd show you how to put a shop sign:


There is what to do:
1.You have to place a sign on a chest ! All items should be in that chest.
2.On a sign, you have to write:

a ) In 1st line: Your nickname.
b ) In 2nd line: |Amount of item that player can sell/buy by only 1click|.
c ) In 3rd line: S |SellAmount|
or B |BuyAmount|
or both: S |SellAmount| : B |BuyAmount|
d ) In 4th line: Name of that item.

If your shop sign will be created successfully, you will see that on chat:

The meaning of that example: That means if you will use Left click (sell) and you will have 5pumpkins, the pumpkins will go to the chest and you will get 10money from my amount. If you will press Right click (buy), you will get 5pumpkins, but your 100money will "go" to my amount.

Some other Important info:

1.Remember that your Buy amount should be less than Sell amount, or else player will buy for f.e 10k, and sell for 20k - and you will lose money !!
2. Remember that: Left click = Sell and Right click = Buy !
3.Remember that all money, however if player is buying or selling, they go from your amount to him or from his amount to you.
4. Are you VIP and wanna place your shop in Shop World ? Go there:
5. About the example: 5pumpkin = 10money, so: 4pumpkin = 8money, 2pumpkin = 4money (yes, it works like it, just maths :] ), but remember: If you have 5pumpkins, you wanna sell 4 and you Left Click, then all 5pumpkins will go, so remember to drop/pit away some...That also works with buying !
6. Be sure that Shop sign can have only Buy Amount or only Sell Amount:



Thank you for reading my tutorial - I hope it helped you to know how to make a Shop sign :}

Edit: Mainly changed some "glitched" colors, but also little mistakes (:

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This kinda reminds me when Wonko The Sane mentions toothpick instructions to Arthur Dent in "So long, and thanks for all the fish"

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Its so simple dont have to put all those inputs


>Take a chest[simple or trapped chest] now put on any where u want

> Now take 1 piece of that item which u want to Sell/Buy and put that 1 piece into chest

>Now take a sign and right click on chest[dont close it hold on] and write the below text on sign

1st line ->Left it blank

2nd line->put digits [for example if u wana sell/buy 1 item at a time then put 1 or if 16 items put 16]

3rd line-> put  Buy amount : sell amount or S sell amount : B buy amount[reverse way] but buy amount should be greater that sell amount [for ex:                            399:350 or S350:B399] 

4th line-> just put  ?

Now close it and enjoy



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Above way of putting shop sign is applicable to all kind of items and u dont have to remember item names and the most important lots of kind of enchantments u dont have to know the item codes which u were have to know by /iteminfo and this is different for every build worlds so many complexity. Thats all:D



Thank you.

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Why you have to write item name when the items are already in the chest. Just place a '?' at the 4th line and the plugin will automatically fill the code.
Also, you can leave the 1st line empty if you want due to the fact that you can't make shops for someone else and your name will be there by default.

Nice and explained better then the previous tutorial made by sinpoint.
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FK Signatures!!

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