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Trade Plugin Bug

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Date: 6/25/18

Approximate time: 11:35pm EST


Server(s): Shop

In-Game Name: Coh89

Minecraft version: 1.10.2

Describe the issue: The trade plugin is adding more NBT tags to an item while in the trade menu. Well on the recieving end it does.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Trade an item that has more than 1 NBT tag

Relevant information (screenshots, error messages, crash reports, coordinates):


This is the Item being traded on your end: https://prnt.sc/jzd436

This is the Item being traded on receiving end: https://prnt.sc/jzd40b

This is after the trade was completed: https://prnt.sc/jzd497

This is what Zimos captured which is the same since we tested it out with me: https://imgur.com/a/D20ixXW


After the trade the Items returned to normal. It seems whil in trade menu it shows an extra NBT Tag but doesn't actually give it an extra one. Seems like visual bug but with NBT Tags being what determines the price its a big issue.

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