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Flower Bug

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Date: 20.06.2018

Approximate time: 16:53

Timezone: GMT 

Server(s): Show world

In-Game Name: DadaO

Minecraft version: 1.11.2

Describe the issue: The issue is that any player, even if he isn't in any "Shop fac", he can take out the flowers from flower pots - if someone would use that bug", he would "mess" in any Shop.

Steps to reproduce the issue:


1.If anyone would click with Right click on any flower pot with flower, he would take out the flower.


Relevant information (screenshots, error messages, crash reports, coordinates):

  1. Screenshot:

  2. Attached thumbnails:

  3. jR5ZihR.png AcvaYCt.pngAIAfv6t.png

  4. Error message: -

P.s At that 3rd screenshot I've given the flower back to flower pot. It was just for "showing" this. I am sorry, if what.

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This is minecraft bug maybe .
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Or maybe someone messed up the perms

How can it be a mc bug?

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Great job Dadao:D

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This is a very old bug. Saw this back when I was VIP2 (around november or december). I took all the flowers from flower pots in shopperz xD. Not a very big bug, just place pots behind glass so no one can touch them.
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