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Lesson Learned After Getting Banned.

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I will never Share my PASSWORD again in my friends (Even If they're my friends i don't care)

a year since this good guy got banned (A Year ago..) xD i think i deserved it ... 

and i think you GUYS never trust people from philippines anymore??

but still thanks for the experience and Especially,, the fun that i felt from other players and also from my friends.. <3

I missed you 

T.E fam..


(Thank you ghoof for banning me.. xD)


maybe LOTS of filipinos forgot about this server, 

but i will never forget you guys.. 

YOU are pulling people closer to each OTHER.. no matter what country you are in...what kind of person you are..

you changed me on what i am before.. (TRUE)

so i wish you all the best.! 


~thanks for reading this


~/[old player]\~

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Never trust strangers xD


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