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Donation Upgrade

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  • Today's Date: The Fifteenth of May in the year of Our Lord Twenty Eighteen.
  • Time of Purchase: 15th May 2018 1:40
  • Purchase Amount:19.99 USD
  • In-game Name: rothwarrior
  • Issue: May have made a mistake. Went to upgrade menu and assumed that since the upgrade from 3 to 4 was twice the price of 2 to 3, it was paying for two upgrades. if that isn't the case, what must I pay to have gone from 2 to 4? not sure where I've been placed, but it isn't 4.



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Vip 2 to Vip 3 is a 10$ upgrade and vip3 to vip4 is 20$ upgrade
Since you wanted to upgrade from vip2 to vip4, you need to pay 30$ instead of 20$
Soo currently you are a vip3 with 10$ on you, so if you pay more 10$, you will be vip4.
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