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Extreme Team Building

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We are hosting a large (team) building contest. Please make sure you read the entire post thoroughly before you decide to hit the reply button.

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What is happening?



Minecraft is a game about building and TeamExtreme is a faction based server, so we decided it's about time we see how well people do at both of these things. In this contest we will test how well you can work together to make something truly beautiful in a team of 3 players. Each team will be given an island of 25 chunks as well as a theme according to which they must build their 'island faction'. 


How is this going to work?


  • We will allow 16 different teams to be formed, each consisting of 3 players, so a maximum of 48 participants. If you join, we will expect you to see this through. You can subscribe in group, or singular (and have us put you in a team).
  • Each team will get his own island of 25 chunks. On May 13, all teams will receive the theme according to which they will have to build. Note, there are 8 different themes so maximum one other team will have the same theme.
  • 8 different islands will be centered around a spawn island which can be reached through /event. From there teleport pads will be placed to each different island to allow quick travel for non-vips. Due to the doubling, there will be 2 spawnislands, each will be aviable in /event.
  • All participating teams will decide upon a leader. This person will be given a budget of $50.000 that serves as an allowance to buy blocks. All players are free to gather and spent what they want on this contest but we only provide you with this starter's budget.
  • We will accept players of all ranks. However, creative mode will not be allowed in this contest. Teams which contain players that are able to fly will be given substantial less time to complete the contest.
  • At the end of the contest the area used will be cleaned up again. If you wish to keep your building, make sure you have enough claims to claim it. Otherwise it will be rolled back.

Starting date: May 14

Finishing date: May 29

Finishing date fly-teams: May 24

What are the rules of this event?


  • Plagiarism from internet or other players on T.E. will result in disqualification.
  • Use of creative mode will result in disqualification.
  • Posts that are neither a subscription or a question that isn't already answered in this post will result in disqualification.
  • Having help with building from players that are not your teammates will result in disqualification.
  • Complaining about the unfairness (of e.g. your theme or the /fly rule) will result in disqualification.
  • Disregarding the borders of your 25 chunks and building in wilderness will result in disqualification.
  • You can only join with one account. No alts in the same or different teams!
  • Subscribing for this contest to receive the money and/or recourses but not actually participating will result in a ban.

*By subscribing you agree that we are allowed to destroy your works if you neither can or won't to claim them once the contest is over.


How can I Participate?



You can subscribe for this contest in 2 ways. Either as a team or as an individual.


- In-games of all team members (name1 /name2 /name3):
- Vip levels of all team members (rank1/rank2/rank3):
- Who will be the leader of this team (leader in-game):
You agree that all team members read the rules of this event and will face the consequences of breaking any.
You understand that if you signed up only 2 names, a third player may be added to your team.
You understand that having a player that is able to fly in your team will result in less time to complete the task.
- In-game name:
- Would you like to be a team leader? (yes/no):
- Vip level:
You understand that signing up as single, you will be placed on a team randomly.
You understand that you can’t switch your team and may be put/kept out of a leaderposition regardless your preferance.
You agree that you read all the constest rules and will face the consequences of breaking any.
You undertand that being placed on a team will be a random process, and if you are placed in a team with a vip5+ member your team will have less time to complete the task.

What can I win here?



First place:

$15 million for your team (so 5 million per player!) 

Guardianfarm in build 3 (OMG, aren't these 25 chunks like the contest islands?!)


Second place: 

$6 million for your team (so 2 million per player!)


All players can anonymously donate for this event by sending money to Lysergide_ (NOT Lysergide!)

This money will be distributed equally among all patricipating teams at the end of the event. We will not verify these donnations and hence no amount of money will give you any say in any part of this contest.


How can I win this?



You will be judged by the creators of this event: DannyTargaryen, Gladiator3000, Lysergide and Rhaerhae


Each judge will give a score from 1 to 4 on the following aspects:

  • Theme - Your faction is made according to the given theme.
  • Building -  Your building(s) are generally beautiful.
  • Intricate detailing - You show creativity and ingenuity in the onlay of (all) aspects you made.
  • Landscaping - Your work fits naturaly in it's surroundings.
  • Teamwork - All players contributed somewhat equally in the general completion of the island
  • Size - You've shown ambition in your planning and managed to complete your project.

1 - not at all applicable

2 - insuficiant

3 - applicable

4 - exceeding expectations


The highest score will win the contest.

In case of an execo, a 5th judge will be appointed that is not informed of the possible winning candidates.

In order to win this contest you need to score at least a 3 from all judges on the 'theme' aspect.


Special thanks for contributions and help!



EbelAngel, Empyrean, Freckie and Kenace.

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Subscriptions have closed.

Building can start May 14

Teams with FLY behind their names will have untill May 24 to complete the contest.

Other teams will have until May 29 to complete the contest.


Teams and themes



*Team leaders


Team 1 - LordGeokal*, PrinceKush, akamikeyday (FLY)

Theme: Pirate (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 2 - iNick_*, MehNameIsJeff, ,aardvarkone

Theme: Horror gothic (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 3 - twilight_Ender*, chaabane, CaraDoesGaming (FLY)

Theme: Steampunk (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 4 - magickillah*, naveenraj, retiredflatron (FLY)

Theme: Fantasy medieval (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 5 - Acdex*, Sgt_Crosby, ZedOnnutella

Theme: Pirate (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 6 - Larique*, Yumcake, TheCindyForce

Theme: Oriental (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 7 - gawwain*, Godfather292, slateyo (FLY)

Theme: Futuristic (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 8 - ChucktheABYB*, Freckie, Truckerkid (FLY)

Theme: Arabic or Egyptian (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 9 - Igaru*, Kikykee, smallsteve (FLY)

Theme: Greek ruins (/event TeamBuilding 1)


Team 10 - __DomeD__*, Hotlava02, Shifter99 (FLY)

Theme: Arabic or Egyptian (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 11 - LittleDinosaur*, mazen_selim22 _Momma (FLY)

Theme: Futuristic (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 12 - UrbanNinja*, Homen06, Bluekronos (FLY)

Theme: Oriental (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 13 - awesome_dom*, mysterycat, just_some_girl

Theme: Fantasy medieval (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 14 - Samarkand1*, mightydragon123, XtremeGuy

Theme: Steampunk (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 15 - Astrophel_*, TheZeroX, cleon  (FLY)

Theme: Greek ruins (/event TeamBuilding 2)


Team 16 - aleksandrea*, MrBlack, maaz12

Theme: Horror gothic (/event TeamBuilding 2)


In case your theme is not 100% clear, make sure you ask about it.

If you - upon completion - feel the need to explain why you chose a particular direction within the theme in order to clarify your creation, please do. Though you don't have to. Some things speak for themselves.


Our appologies to VVTI, Dormet, Yart, Explonding_Gaming and PRANAV_. We are not able to host you due to a maximum capacity.


Have fun, be nice, make friends and goodluck!



Money has been paid to the leaders:


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names:PrinceKush, akamikeyday, LordGeokal

ranks:vip6, vip7, vip6

leader: LordGeokal

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- In-game name:LordGeokal
- Would you like to be a team leader? (yes/no): yes
- Vip level: evip

Edit: Since there are no other applications yet, am I able to change mine and join a team instead?


You can change teams as long as you do it before the subscriptions closes. Just make sure to not make conflicting teams

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When will the registration date end?

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Team :-
Names ;- MehNameIsJeff, iNick_,aardvarkone

Vip Level :- Vip1, Vip2,normal

Leader :- iNick_

sorry for delay but we have made our team :D

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names: twilight_Ender chaabane CaraDoesGaming

ranks: EVip all

leader: Twilight_Ender

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When will the registration date end?


Please, read  the contest post again, you will find all information there.


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- In-game name: TheZeroX
- Would you like to be a team leader? (yes/no): no
- Vip level: 1
I need a team :D

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Teamed with Godfather292 and Gawwain

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Craft Tech

Craft Tech

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Look down


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In-game name: Craft_Tech
- Would you like to be a team leader? (yes/no): no
- Vip level:6{EVip}

Why don't you join our team?



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names: magickillah, naveenraj, retiredflatron
ranks: vip6, vip5, vip6
leader: magickillah

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- In-games of all team members (name1 /name2 /name3): Sgt_Crosby / Acdex / ZedOnnutella
- Vip levels of all team members (rank1/rank2/rank3): Member / VIP3 / VIP3
- Who will be the leader of this team (leader in-game): Acdex

Edited by Acdex, 04 May 2018 - 02:44 AM.

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In-game name: cleon
- Would you like to be a team leader? (yes/no): no
- Vip level: vip 1       



                                           B)   Made by Imagine  B)



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- In-game name: Samarkand1
- Would you like to be a team leader?: Sure.
- Vip level: None

Bad Wolf




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names: Larique , Yumcake , TheCindyForce

ranks: Svip (3) , Svip (3) , VIP (1)


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Made by Imagine

Craft Tech

Craft Tech

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- In-games of all team members (name1 /name2 /name3): Acdex / ZedOnnutella
- Vip levels of all team members (rank1/rank2/rank3): VIP3 / VIP3
- Who will be the leader of this team (leader in-game): Acdex

3rd guy in their team is me ... Writing this in case acdex forgets to come on before team distribution and I'm thrown somewhere else :P thank you

Ign: Sgt_Crosby, acdex, ZedOnNutella
Rank: none, Vip3, Vip3
Leader: acdex

Edited by Craft Tech, 03 May 2018 - 08:57 PM.

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-=[B1]=- Misfit Division

-=[B4]=- Misfit, Suntsu



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- In-games of all team members (name1 /name2 /name3): Godfather292/Gawwain/Slateyo
- Vip levels of all team members (rank1/rank2/rank3): 5/6/1
- Who will be the leader of this team (leader in-game): Gawwain

Edited by Godfather292, 05 May 2018 - 05:58 PM.


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- In-game name: HotLava02
- Would you like to be a team leader? (yes/no): No
- Vip level: Vip5


Special thanks to Alphonso for the amazing sig!

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