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Creative Bug?

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Date: 4/16/2018

Approximate time: 15:18 or 3:18 pm

Timezone: Pacific Daylight Savings Time

Server: B3

In-Game Name: Macho_Nacho

Minecraft version: 1.10.2

Describe the issue: Using a hoe to till survival dirl turns the block into a creative (tilled) block

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • do /gmc
  • Put hoe into hotbar
  • Use hoe to till dirt
  • Break block in survival

Reason why I am reporting this is because I am building a farm and I would like every build I do in this build world to be in survival and I noticed that when using a creative hoe to till dirt, it changes the block to a creative dirt.


I mean yeah, a hoe has durability and using it in creative basically gives the player infinite use but if you think about it, Vip level 5's can do /kit diamonds and can obtain a hoe from that and its basically infinite hoe's as well.


Anyways, I'll just stick to /kit diamonds for hoe's. If this is intentional then feel free to close the topic :)


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Creative dirt turns to survival dirt.... it's been like this as dirt is a low price block



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There are more blocks like that



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i think there was a list that was put out that said that 
and i think stone brick where all not logged by creative control as that takes a fuck tone of memory to log every single block thats is everywhere so its not logged by creative control
not talking about the grass path tho (that shit still creative)

just use a kit hoe if you are having issues with a creative hoe :P

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Quoting Kyzeragon:


These are blocks that are not creative protected:


0,1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,18,20,24,31,59,67,79,83,85,102,107,109,127,128,141,142 "

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This is one downside of creative perk, I have been there a lot of times, when I was new at creative I asked evips, and they know about it.. 

I was about to link that above link by magic, check that out..


I believe devs and staff are aware of this and I hope they can fix those.. I guess this is one of the problems why we can't get version update so soon..

Anyways I don't remember all creative bugs, but whenever i found any, I just avoid it from happening and stay away from survival drops from creative builds, if i ever encountered any..


I'm just saying my own experience and I know you already had heard most of it..

Creative perk isn't scary, it's just that some people are too dumb or greedy enough to think this was a perk rather than bug.

In the end, it's like being a super hero :)


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I think OP means that creative hoe turns survival blocks into creative. Not that some creative blocks become survival.


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