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  • Ban Message:Evading Ban -Mazepa1288
  • Apology:sir this is the biggest mistake of my life.I love my friends and i would give my life for this server.Sir i am very sorry for everything i did.I could not post a ban appeal cause i was banned on the forums so i made this account.I also tried to post my ban appeal at the teamspeak channel but i was banned ingame so it means there too.Sir please forgive me.Sir i promise that this will not happen again.Sir i am very sorry for getting myself banned.I promise to do my best to stay out of trouble in the future.Sir please unban me.Please sir i will wait for your response soon.I wish you would forgive me sir.



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Already denied...




Stop making excess forum accounts...




MSD Strong, Will always remember those lost, Never Forgotten! #NeverAgain
In loving remembrance of Tater2Sacks, godspeed buddy!

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