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Hello Guys,

                   My name is AlbertojrGamer ingame , There is a problem that may get me ban , so i thought to do a discussion with admins , One day my network was not working , i said my friend to register on teamextreme , so he registered , but he tell me after register that he is banned in teamextreme a lot of times , so i thought to tell u this thing , trust me , i am not that ban player , i don't want to get ban thats why i am telling u about this , admins , please don't ban me and check the register ip  it is ban but then check the using ip , it is not ban , a lot of players will think that it was vpn , but it is my real ip , don't ban me plz , thanks for reading my thread , BYE



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Why not properly report the ban evader then in the correct section...




Its good to see you acknowledge a issue but the other issue is properly dealing with said evaders in game....


Just do that if you have suspicions on someone in game....


Thank you!


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