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Gif / Image Signatures

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I am having a problem with inserting Gif in my signature or inserting any other media in TE forum. I need to know the ways of inserting it.


I tried 2 methods:

1) Dragging the gif into the signature box (It shows "Error 524")

2) Clicked the Image icon and entered the URL of the image ("Not supported image format")


TbH, I have the same problem everywhere in the forum (I'm a forum Noob T-T). I can't add Gif, or Images. I didn't try Video but I'm sure that I will mess it up too :P .


So, basically I need help with adding any form of media in TE forums without just giving a simple link. I want the media to be displayed...


Sorry, for my noobness :I .




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Try changing ur browsing software
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1) just refresh.

2) check image extension like (.gif .jpg .png) to be exact.

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PMed you the method, you have to use BBCode Share Link


so the content is displayed and no links are given



Thanks to Athu7890 for making this sign :)  :D  :P



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Upload the gif on imgur
Check the "copy link " with more option
Click BBCode share link and copy it
Paste the BBcode link in the sig file
Thats all :)





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Uploading/Posting to the to the forums

You want to put pictures in the forums especially with imgur make sure you select the share link that does with the forums.....
BBCode (Forums)

Here is a screenshot of what you have to pick from... with a box on the appropriate code link below...


If you find that one then you should be good to go...

Pretty much all sites should have one that is the same as the above share link format.. which is for BBCode related...

Then just go to my settings in the forum, and find the signature section... let me show you with a screenshot...


Your welcome... hopefully this steers your in the right direction....


Farewell TeamExtreme, and thanks for the great journey we've all had together!

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