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Death Trap?

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Your in-game name: Fzuper

Faction Name (if applicable): Bulldozers (The Deathtrap / scam xp farm)

What was taken:

Where it was taken from:

Coordinates (X, Y, Z) type out the coordinates, do not refer to a picture: forgot, staff can check my logs.

Server / World: B2, Build 2 [B2]

Who you suspect and why: Bulldozers faction, they made a hole from up, and then dig down [big hole] and at the hole have a sign written "Free Xp Farm", and then some1 intersed and jump to in, then die. As i know, DeathTraps is not allowed at TeamExtreme Server /Rules, and when i /seen the leader, leader was banned, hmmm better, the fac should be cleared cause that really dangerous for many person.

Screenshots (if any):g9CIzv36SU_-_DQJvL8taQ.png

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Looked into this, and did determined that the location your speaking off doesn't have any logs on it from the looks of it....


Including that I noticed they  claimed half of this what is to appear to be a old abandoned former farm that was active at one point....


Anyways filled in the hole here to prevent others from dying!


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