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Ajoas - Ban Evading Yourfearmyfriend - Ralfeh

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Ban date - 2 day ago

IGN - ajoas

Ban message - Ban evading yourfearmyfriend

Apology - My first account is tempbanned but this account isnt tempbanned but permanently. You can find my appeal on first page. Kindly, tempban my another id or it will get banned for evading again lol. it's approximately 2 days 12 hours remaining kindly do it.



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bump this post when you other acc is clear to join, unban this now, and let you in on it not gonna happen.


It not account that is banned, it is you as person. That is why this acount got a ban in first place.

You join game when under ban, not god. and will not happen again. If it does, you risk a permanent ban from server.


I see you try log in 2 times today, stop try to your tempban is lifted.


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Forums banned.

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