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Particle Effects

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Particle effects


Now available in Store


What are they? These are particle effects that can be applied to your player. Particle effects at the moment have 2 forms, trail effects and vanish effects. A trail effect is trail of particles that will follow you around when you move. Vanish effect is activated by VIP vanish. When doing so, a bunch of particles will appear around you and fade away.


Please note: To use the vanish effects, you will need to have access to VIP vanish.


Right now there is only a $20 pack that includes all 8 effects, later when raidmax21 wakes up, he will add the single items as well for $5 each.



/pe: Opens the GUI

/pe hide: Hides particles

/pe show: Shows particles

/pe clear: Clears active effects

/pe list: Lists the effects (Green: owned, Red: not owned)

/pe help: Lists commands


Previews of the effects below in spoilers


Trail effects:



Vanish effects:



Found a Bug? Report it here:



Credits: Kaidun & Fridge

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