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Welcome To The Page Of


AquaLand Is A New Faction In B3!


About AquaLand smile.png

Our faction's main idea is to Make the best comfortable faction for players

AquaLand consists of many islands in the huge ocean! we formed a peaceful and big faction. Our biggest goal is to become from the best factions on Team Extreme. We have so many peaceful areas where you can enjoy your time!


What Makes Our Faction Special?

AquaLand is a lovely , cool and peaceful facton. We have so many lovely, helpful and kind members. we have so many large Lands to build on. We have so many beautiful builds and so many cooperative officers. We also have beautiful decorated parks and markets wth so many free food restaurants.

Our Very cheap shops that are given to the faction members. This shop is 75% cheaper than Adminshop!

What does AquaLand Contain:

We have a  A Huge storage, so many farms and parks. So many plots, buildings and animal farms. we have so many shops , markets , malls , Restaurants , Fishing Areas , A faction home full of Beacons biggrin.png


To be added soon.


General Rules:

1. Respect everyone in the faction

2. No Swearing.

3. Don't beg for stuff or money.

4. No Asking for promotion. Your application of joining will decide your possition.

5. Follow all team extreme rules.


Plot Rules:

1. No lockettes on doors.

2. Don't build outside of your plot without permission.

3. Make your plot looks beautiful, don't build with dirt or sponge.

4. Only the leader will give you a plot. No one else will.



Chat Here !

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