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The Life Of A Vip

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not all vips are lazy i got evip in 2012 and i work all day every day and use just about every penny i make to buy vip for players that i notice are doing well in my faction and are actually active i've even helped players not in my faction to get vip


not all vips are bad and actually i have seen very few vips act like u are describing lol 


i do agree that with some help and a little patients any new people can be taught how to be great members in any faction they just need the time to learn and not get reported at the first tiny bit of rule breaking 


for me the worst thing is seeing all the people who just be butt kissers to staff lol i would rather see a million vip asses than one of those kind of people


everyone has their own pet peeves that bother them lol best u can do is do what u think is best and let the world sort out the rest

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