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Some Throw Item On Me

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Your in-game name: kyotozaky

Faction Name (if applicable): SushiKing

Coordinates : -33, 56, -329

Server / World: b2

Who you suspect and why: i don't know, i was hang out in jail with athu at spawn world. when i go back home b2.

                                           when i open my inventory. There 3 bone have rename it "Athu's used dildo". i not sure

                                           who did that. i think it happen in spawn world. there are many vip here and some non vip


Screenshots (if any):

[Image remove for nature of it] - Ghoof

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I would like to apologize for this, because I myself have named that item. I usually give it out to friends just for fun and nothing serious, but it feels like you've been offended by my humeres bone. Again I apologize for any mess that this item may have caused, and ask for forgiveness. Sorry mate.

Edit: I dropped around a few of these in the jail when that "Burn in hell" guy was jailed. I apologise for this random action that may have caused any form of confusion.

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yes Athu, as friend, i can forgive u. no problem. can i keep it this item or throw it? if you do not mind.


i'm sorry make report about u.

i can close it report


Edit: lock this post and i don't want people read this.

Edited by kyotozaky, 10 January 2018 - 04:32 PM.

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Going to close this report as you both settled this out!


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