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Problem Loggin In

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Hello, i've had a huge problem the last 2 and a half months, and that is that i have moved away 8 months ago, and i had to leave my computer at my home, so it was my sister who logged in for me since i coulnd't, and everything was fine up until a couple months ago, when i asked my mother to log in because my sister was sick, she tried many times but it would not log in, saying that there was a problem with the server, like i was using the wrong one, but even if my mom changed it nothing happend, so after months of trying and failing i was obviously banned from my faction, and now that i'm home for vacation i decided to try again, and it let me log in, so i wanna try to ask if i could join my former faction, which is valheru, created by Ashin_Shugar, i can understand if he denies it, but all i can say is that i honestly have no idea what happend, and i'm very sorry, and i really hope he'll let me in again...

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Hey monster, i let ashinsugar know your back. If you could re apply to valheru here we will reply to you there.

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I have no issues with you coming back to Valheru .... please do as __Clockwerk__ asked above and all is good :)

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