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Before starting with this thread, note that we should have know our responsibilities as donators to this server. We take full responsibility for our ignorance.
The situation occurred after a buddy of mine questioned elenodix1 how to remove sandstone from his/her head because it kept re-appearing even after taking it off. elenodix1, jokingly, told freckie the command of "/ci". Ignorantly freckie, and I, did the command, concluding with many items being vanished from the world. We were extremely hurt by it and it seems as if he didn't stress one bit. After reading numerous posts about their situations of accidental /ci, including Ralfeh's keyboard head-butting, I think i know how this is going to end. We also didn't know wether this topic should have been located in the reports section or the help section, but I felt more comfortable doing so here; if it doesn't belong here, I apologize. In conclusion, It's not fair for someone to tell recent vips this command without explaining to them exactly what it does, beforehand, even jokingly...






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Well. Some people learned what /ci do by read it in store.teamextreme.com. Some learned it the hard way. I'm really sorry for your item lost, but i don't think anyone can do anything about this

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Signatures are overrated.



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Its ofc your responsibility, Vip Should Knew their perks!, most of normal vips might reads all perks on store page 5 to 10 times or more, at least i do. 



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Even tho i dont see anything funny saying this command as a joke , i dont think they can do smthing.

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The Flame is to Blame

no Shame.



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Its the players responsibility, and should have known what /ci does if you did take the time to read over what perks you did receive when you got your rank.


See we can't stress enough to make sure you know what your doing when it comes to /ci because of stuff like this.


I know the feeling to lose stuff to /ci as I've done it before myself not thinking but I just accept my mistake, and move on!


Next time be more careful, and this whole situation plus topic can be avoided!



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Farewell TeamExtreme, and thanks for the great journey we've all had together!

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