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New Chat System (Techat)

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I am proud to present a new update on TE. This time it focuses on the chat system. It has been totally redone internally, and allowed us to add lots of features to the chat. (There are even more on the way!) I hope you guys enjoy this update. Below is some info on the changes and additions to the chat!






/ch - Opens the channel manager GUI


/ch join <channel> - Joins a chat channel


/ch leave <channel> - Leaves a chat channel


/ch list - Lists all chat channels


/qm <channel> <message> - Sends a quick message to a specific channel. Changed from /ch qm to /qm


/ignore <player> - Ignore/Unignore players


/tell <player> <message> - Private message players


/r <message> - Reply to a private message


/pgfilter [on|off] - Toggle pg filter


/pmb <on|off> - Toggle pm blocker




PM Blocking

You can now block private messages from players that are not on your friends list, unless you have messaged them first withing 5 minutes.






Channel Descriptions

Hovering your mouse over a channel prefix in chat will display a description of that channel, along with some rules for that channel.






Item Placeholders

You can now show your inventory in chat! Simply put an item in your hotbar and type the item placeholder in chat.

The placeholder is formatted like this: {#} 

# = The slot number in your hotbar










Player Titles

Do you have a special player title? (Honored, Lord, Lady, Knight, Ninja, Pirate, Raider) Well now you can choose which title to display if you have multiple. The menu can be found in the /ch menu.



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