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The Tower Of Power Is Reopening

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[00:18:37] [Server thread/INFO]: mazepa1288 issued server command: /money pay Stimpay 30000000


welp gg, thank you to everybody that tried the maze, all of the creators from last time, and fridge for resetting up the world guard and readding it to the /event

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Hello guys :P


Just wanted to announce that i have completed the maze- Tower of power

Reached floor 10 and did buy the melon (can be confirmed by the logs)

This maze is INSANE, but was hella fun.


 - Stimpay

Nice! You can get EVIP with that if you find the right donors


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Wow amazing! Congratz :)

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Nice! You can get EVIP with that if you find the right donors

he's an evip for some time now :P




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Congratulations stimpay! to be honest I am really happy that I got to floor 7 I didn't expect that I'd ever pass floor 4 XD thanks mazepa,fridge and the people who helped and the people who built the floors :D (I know the actual even of it was probably long enough that I didn't attend it or when I was an actual noob xD) it was so good to see something like this on TE again

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I love pigs

Special thanks to Jeeva

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