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Welcome to TeamExtreme's Minecraft Client

How to set up Minecraft 1.8.4 and lower:

  • Please run "Minecraft x.x.x"
  • Install Minecraft x.x.x
  • Once installed, a page will open to our site. Please feel free to register on our forums *Click Me* and ask any questions here.
  • Minecraft is a Java based game, so make sure to install the lastest 64bit Java located here *Click Me* or the game will not work correctly.

How to play multiplayer:

  • Click multiplayer then select TeamExtreme.
  • When you join the server, you should see this message: Please register with "/register followed by password" If you only see: Please login with "/login password" that means the username you have chosen when you launched Minecraft is taken. In that case, close Minecraft and re-open it with a different username.
  • Press *T* to open the chat, then type "/register and type a password E.G. /register cookies" (Don't type "password or your name" replace it with a word...).
  • then type "/login (password here)" and that is it. Please read though the rules in the building where you spawned.

Useful links:

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