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Sorry Everyone.....

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Today I was in the stonemine and I seen a player with the word Hacker in his name....


me being the person I am decided to coax the player into changing his name.


I did threaten to report him for the name because I did not think that a name like that should be allowed...


I was told by a mod that I had gone too far and I apologize.


I only play here to help and to report any rule breakers.


I have donated alot of money here on TE (In Game) to new players who I welcome with a smile.....


Maybe its time for me to take a break from mc.......



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Every now and then we make comments and staff will step in to tell us what is allowed and what is not. Not a nice feeling but, we play on and still enjoy the game, time with our friends, our community. I would rather be taught the right things than watch things go out of hand. So, dont feel bad. I am sure your intentions were honorable and that is what matters at the end of the day.   

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According to my knowledge there's no problem about having the name Hacker. It is not offensive doesn't go against the rule of Teamextreme server. As for you, you did threaten to report him. If you think something is not right you should report it on forum and let staff handle this matter. Mods won't say you've gone too far without any reason I'm sure you said something or took this simple matter too far. Mods warned you for it and you apologized. 

Finally as lulubag said I am also sure your intentions were honorable but you shouldn't feel bad about it. Hope you play with a cheerful mind again.  :lol: 

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