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Ultimate Guide For Factions On Te

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Hello , And Welcome To The Ultimate Guide For Factions In Our Lovely Server!

This Idea Came On My Mind After Viewing So Many Faction Tutorials, My Idea Was To Make The 100% Best Factions Guide On Team Extreme. This Tutorial Has Everything About Factions!

Sit Down, Grab A Drink And Start Reading!



About Factions :pickaxe: 

Factions Are Used To Collect Players On A Piece Of Land To Build. You Can Make Your Dream And Build There! Try To Show Your Bests :D


Faction Commands :sword: 

1. /f help [Page] (Shows You List Of Commands)


2. /f list (Shows List Of Factions)


3. /f f (Shows Faction Information)


4. /f p [name] (Shows Player Information)


5. /f s (Shows Faction Status)


6. /f Join [Name] (Joins A Faction)


7. /f leave (Leave Your Faction)


8. /f home (Teleports To Faction Home)


9. /f map (Shows Territory Map)


10. /f create [Name] (Creates Faction)


11. /f name [Name] (Sets Faction Name)


12. /f desc [Description] (Sets Faction Description)


13. /f motd [Message] (Sets Message Of The Day)


14. /f sethome (Sets Your Faction Home To Your Current Position)


15. /f unsethome (Unsets Faction Home)


16. /f invite a [Name] (Invites Player)


17. /f kick [Name] (Kicks Player From The Faction)


18. /f title [Player] [Title] (Sets Title For Player)


19. /f rank [Name] [Rank] (Sets Rank For Player)


20. /f sc (Allows You To See The Chunk You Are Standing On)


21. /f claim o (Claims Land In Your Current Position)


22. /f unclaim o (Unclaims Land In Your Current Position)


23. /f access p [Player] yes/no (Sets Access To A Player In Your Current Position)


24. /f relation (Manages Relations Between Other Factions)


25. /f perm (Manages Permissions)


26. /f flag (Manages Faction Flags)


27. /f unstuck (Teleports You To Nearest Wilderness)


28. /f disband (Disbands Your Faction)


29. /f v (Displays Plugin Info)



How To Manage Permissions And Access Commands :diamond: 


Well, Check Kenace's Tutorial : Click Here





Any Ab5KHzU.jpg ? Ask It Below!

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Nice tutorial _Feliz_ :D
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