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Mob Arena Bug

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If you're planning to go to higher rounds in contest arena you might risk losing your stuff.


Date: 28/11/2017

Approximate time: 7:45 - 8:30PM

Timezone: AEST

Server(s): Minigames

In-Game Name:Robert

Minecraft version: 1.10.2 and Above

Describe the issue: Ok so I went into mob arena contest last night, I had extreme armor on and some stuff in my inventory, I chose archer for this game. I made it to wave 33 and died, was teleported to the spectator area, I couldn't leave and all my stuff was in the inventory, I kept trying to leave, but the error: "An Internal error has occurred, please contact your administrator  Something like that kept coming up it was then I could finally leave, but all the stuff I won disappeared, including my extreme armor.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Really don't know if it can be reproduced.


Even typing /ma leave didn't work.

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New error: "Player file for xDevil022 failed to load. Error: LOADED"


Lost both of my god swords to test this, Everything I won is here, but my swords, just my swords disappeared. But im still stuck inside the spectator arena.


Also going to wave 25+ resulted in this I got to 31 before I died. It could be a plugin error, who knows.


EDIT: Ghoof restored the swords and items from yesterday.

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You're right in that it's not supposed to happen, but the possibility of it happening is why I always empty my inventory before going to minigames or raidlands.


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Well , i Have same situation , I Joined Paintball and getting laggy and i spammed like Join/leave paintball game , then when i do /portal and go to B1 ,All of my stuff in my inventory is disappeared ...

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