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Thoughts About Te's Future

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I apologise for near-necro-bumping this thread (if I haven't already by doing this).  I had intended on posting this long ago, near the first days after the start of this thread, but have never been able to completely articulate my thoughts until now.



I'm relatively old, although my time would mostly be considered at the start of v3.

I take my (gifted) donations to heart; am not about to completely leave the server due to that.





The rest of the post:



TL;DR As a somewhat old player (but not really), I wanted to point out that TE is a two-way street.  As much as we have been talking about server features and how those have led to fragmentation, we also need to think of how we, individually, contribute to the server, and how we contribute towards each other.  Ask yourself: "What do I have on TE? What do I have to offer on TE?" Could (and should) be taken into consideration in looking ahead at what could be v4.

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TBH this is the one and ONLY server where I made real and true friends so keep it up :D 


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I've only been on this server for about 3 months but I can tell that this server will always run strong.

A server is only as good as the people in it, you could take every plugin you wanted and add to a server and update everytime an update comes out but if the people in the server are rude and inpatient with helping others it will fall quickly.

This is not the case for TE, this server is by far the most community based and friendly server I have ever been on, I'm not just saying that either.

I can connect at anytime and make friends who I actually care about in real life.

I have friends on there now that if they do not get on for a few days I start to worry if they are ok.

I have established friends, family, and trust with many on this server and I am forever grateful that I clicked on this server.

So I'm my opinion of the future of TE.... TE will always move forward, people will come and go but the family and community feel will always remain.
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