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I'm not entirely sure why this happened, but i presume it was when that guy tried to buy a shield from me, they asked if anyone wanted to sell a shield, and to pm them, i had a a shield. so i pm'ed them. when the exchange was being made, he canceled and stated that he wanted a DECORATED shield, (he did not specify as such in the chat) so i told him that if he waited a few minutes, i could get him a decorated shield like he asked for. after this, i went back to my faction home to get a banner to decorate the shield with, after decorating the shield, i went back to where i asked him to meet me again, but he was gone, as it turned out, he had logged off. this was not a logical reason for me to get kicked as he was simply overreacting, and highly impatient. all i did was not assume that he wanted it decorated, i personally assumed he wanted to decorate it himself, and just didn't want to craft a shield, or didn't know how.

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Was an old ip ban

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