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The Short Goodbye

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While I didn't get to know you well I shared similar experiences with sacks faction and had my own little tank there. Thank you for describing that, it brought me back.


The other thing I'll never forget is logging on and seeing:

Banned - Noodzz

First (and only) staff member to ban me!

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oh come on

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:/  hmmm i Got NOthing to say Rn But I Hope To See you again On Te and

Thank You for Helping me to Kill some Evader On Pvp LOl and Thanks For

Being a Nice and Awesome Friend and Cyaa NOodzz :Dand Btw You still have those

Pepe's Skulls ? LOl






- MentyNub

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Noo why are you leaving :/
You were my best staff and the best friend and you will always be! i will miss you a lot and the great times we had in TE. I will Never forget you Noodzz!
Hope you the best in your life :)

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Nuu not another admin leaving :(( who will do WE now unless raid promotes Ghoof xD


But you have been an awesome staff; even though I've never had the chance to talk to you, I knew you were good when you came to PvP a few weeks ago and didn't try to kill me xD


I wish you the best of luck in rl and whatever you do next, and hope to see you again sometime if possible!!!




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Goodbye Noodzz..Never knew you..still..hope the best for you in life :)


Hmm..TE dying slowly :(..Hoping its off  the blacklist soon.

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He Noodzz 

It's sad to see you leaving but you need to do what good is for you!

I don't know if you remember our times hanging out together and fish on mending books together.

It was fun having you here and as long i know you, you was an awesome guy!

I wish you the best in life and maybe will talk/ see you later.


Here a picture of us: 





Always in for a nice talk!

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Goodbye, Noodzzyy boi. We're all gonna miss having you around <3 
Thanks for all that you've done for the community. You've contributed a lot! <3
Good luck for all your future endeavours, bud. And take care of yourself.


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Well, I just had to log back in after catching wind of this. I took a look at the title, scrolled down to see just how short it was, and... nvm. My "The Long Goodbye" was actually somewhat in reference to a song by Brooks & Dunn of the same name (a reference I expected no one to get).


Obviously this isn't goodbye for us but I just had to comment on the title, nothing else :P Back to inactivity!

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another one...

oh well, goodbye and thank you for your presence & contributions to TE and the TE community.

you will be missed noodzz.


a pic of a snack i posted not too long ago seems appropriate here...



the song kyzer referenced...



Thanks to Data for the neat sig ;D



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nice knowing you nod 

fun times , the good ol' days 


I found this  SS fd84c2fd0bd58ffa32f5503c788b4637.pngBest of luck for your future : D 


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Don't know what to say actually:/
You were helping me in a lot of world edits and thank you for making my life easier:')

Having fun around was also the best moments, in drop parties and stuff like that.

You will be missed in that time, hope we see you in game soon^^


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