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The Short Goodbye

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I'm not really a wall of text person, *cough Kyzer*, so I'm going to make this short. Only reason I'm making this post is to sort of say good bye to friends and peers, and to also dispell any rumors that might come up as we all know how common that is around here :P.
First I want to thank Raid for promoting me and giving me the opportunity to be staff on his server. It's had it's ups and downs but overall I've enjoyed being staff here and I've learnt quite a bit from my time as being part of the staff team. I also want to thank my fellow staff members for the great times we've had on TE and even the times we enjoyed playing other games together outside of TE too. I've learnt a lot from you guys and even the days when I don't feel like staffing or moderating the server, watching you guys work hard always inspires me to start doing more.
I joined TE somewhere around May or June of 2013 and after getting through the test my first impression is why does nearly everyone look the same in this damn library. After reading the library (twice or three times :P) I started to ask random people with a skin how they edited their skin, then one of them replied that I already have a skin and I just need to press F5 once or twice to see my own skin. I later learned that the name Noodz was owned by someone else but wasn't registered on the server, but was happy I wasn't a "Steve". I went and farmed at the public farms for some time and then eventually walked outside of spawn to see an amazing sight. Huge towers to make money, all you had to do was buy pumpkins from them and sell the pumpkins to the admin shop, it seemed like a nice way to make money but I didn't even know what I would need money for at that point so I just observed. I really liked the different building and themes, was immediately lost in the Hellas shop. Eventually after asking in global where I can find wilderness in Global, someone answered that it's at least a 5-10min walk from spawn before I could find any free land to settle in, of course I complained about it, I'm so impatient lol. Someone asked if I wanted to join their faction that they just started and I took them up on that offer and even though I was there for just a week or so, a few months later I mentioned the name of my first faction on TS and that became a running joke for some time (BadGirlsClub).
I later joined another faction which had an EVIP leader (either ExsLight or Pyrodraken) but all the other members were non VIP. There I started to get more involved in the community and eventually joined the forums and TS. When I joined TS it was a friendly voice asking me my age which I thought was odd at first but was later explained to me. The moderator who removed my guest tag (Tater2Sacks RIP) was a friendly person asking me how long I've been playing here and what faction I was in. He then teleported me to his faction and was showing me around and told me a little about the faction and how it started, he asked me if I wanted to join but I told him that I'm new to the game and that I'm still learning about the server and minecraft in general, but I'll ask to join if i'm interested later. Eventually I noticed nearly everyone in the public channels on TS was in that faction, I even remember a funny story where I was complaining on TS that the iron i'm trying to mine wasn't breaking, Aerryl tp'd to me and started laughing... it was actually bedrock. 
I eventually got so jealous of others TPing and flying I donated $100 straight to EVIP. Suddenly after that, random people were PMing me in-game and were being friendly to me. Some TP'd me to their factions and wanted me to join, others were just showing off their buildings and shops to me, random people were noticing me in global and started talking to me as if we knew each other, I then realized that this is what it's like being a VIP I guess. I noticed Stevenpoore sent out an advertisment for Sacks in Global and my faction was inactive and dying so I asked him on ts if I could join Sacks. After inviting me he asked me to go to spawn and go to the east exit and wait for him there. I went there to find him and Chewy and hajro and someone else waiting for me there, he explained that it was tradition that every new member walks (no flying) from spawn to the faction and that it was usual for online faction members to tag in too. We started our walk and it was like taking a tour, Steven would explain stuff as we were going, he would point out shops and who owned them, we walked over the ice bridge and he explained the story behind that, as we got closer to the faction he started to show me all the different builds and plots, the 9/11 memorial building, the tanks, /f home, player statues, Aerryl's hippie bus, and all the different stuff in the faction. I spent a lot of time being part of Sacks and it was probably one of most enjoyable experiences on TE. Being part of Sacks was really like having a second family and since you had to be on TS to join the faction we spent a lot of time on TS while playing. There was always something going on and I slowly adjusted my sleep schedule so I could be online with everyone. The day always starts with Tater coming on having his morning coffee and then taking the kids to the school bus and hours later Sireatme would get on from his phone on his way home from work with his loud ass car and his trademark "Guess whoooo?". I got to see Ghoof build his castle (all in survival) for weeks or maybe months. I always bugged Aerryl with noob questions and always bothered Chewy to fix some redstone he did for me and I broke. Opened my first shop in the sacks mall and then eventually bought some land near spawn and later Tater asked Flox to move his radio so I could use that land for more shop space. Started to learn more about enchanting through Steven's book store, eventually even found a Quad-Spider farm that Steven claimed for me. This was probably my best and most memorable times on TE and I want to thank everyone from the sacks family for the great times. I can't remember everyone but I just want to list the ones that come to mind (Tater2Sacks RIP, Mr_Red_Dragon, SirNightPuppy, sandman, Chewy0ne, Aerryl, Stevenpoore, Lodan RIP, Ghoof, Hajro, PSP_Z, SirEatme, Fornato, AmazonQueen, smellypigs *my neighbor :D*, and many other sexy people).
Well looking back now I didn't expect to write this much... I expected this to be a 5min post but I guess I lost track of time. I'm going to cut it short now though.
I want to thank all the members of XXL which I joined for a brief time too. I want to thank members of Paragon (1, 2, and 3). I especially want to thank members of Shockerz where I spent a lot of my time on TE too, it was also a faction I considered a second family in some way. I learnt a lot of things from all the different members, had a lot of fun and memorable times there. Last but not least, I want to thank all of the TE community. Whether we shared a few minutes of interaction or long hours, I cherish every second of it. I never put a gap between VIPs and non-VIPs, I enjoyed joining random non-VIP factions just to interact with different people in the community, I always liked the idea that we're all different groups into different activities all connected by this one server. I enjoyed spending time with different people and joining in on whatever they were up to, I've also made a few alts and infiltrated one or two factions and spent some time there and was always interested on how other spent their time on TE. The random PVP moments or randomly finding someone fishing and starting a conversation with them and fishing for an hour or whatever (even though fishing booooooooores me to death xD), going to the mining world with a random person and getting to know them, I always find something to do on TE and want to thank you all for sharing the experience with me.
I titled this as The Short Goodbye as a refrence to Kyzer's "Long Goodbye", perhaps I should have titled it The Long Thank You. :P
I have decided to step down from being an administrator and I'm also moving on to new adventures wherever they may be. If you're looking for a reason why, I'm not sure I have one to satisfy your curiousity. I have my own reasons that I don't really feel I want to go in to or explain. I'm not one to say never because I don't know what the future has in store for me, so I can't say for sure that I will never return someday, but as of now, I doubt I will be online in the foreseeable future.
For some of you this is not goodbye, but for many it is, thanks again for the great times and goodbye.
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Yet another staff member leaving that I have never had the pleasure of meeting.  :(


Anyway, I wish you well in whatever you choose to take on in the future. May only good things come your way.

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Hey Noodzz,


Here is a funny story, you may not remember it but I certainly do.

When i first met you i didn't realise that you were staff, and due to myself feeling a little cheeky at the time, I asked about your name. I can't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I asked why your name was noodzz then i asked if it was because you like nudes.


Later I found out that you were admin.


I'm pretty sure that you have helped me in some way in the game, but it seems that i have forgotten when or were.


Its been a pleasure knowing you (even if only by name) and i wish the best for your future endeavours.


Good people are few and far between and its going to be quite saddening to see you go. Don't forget that you can always swing by and drop a couple of  o/'s, I'm sure no-one will object to that.


Have a fantastic life and i wish you the best.


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I'm not much for words so I'll make this short. This comes as a great shock to me. Thank you for everything you did for myself and the TE community. You will be missed by all who know you and had the pleasure of interacting with you. Thanks for all the laughs and fun times. I wish you the best in what comes next in your life and I hope you succeed and find what you're looking for. Until next time old friend. 

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this makes me sad. soo many memories you just bought up......... 

good luck noodz with whatever you do after this. please drop in time to time and say hello. will miss u mate

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*sigh* I guess all good things have to end at some point?

Welp, I don’t really know you, though I’ve seen you around in global n stuff. You seem like a really nice person.
The only thing I remember about you was when you shot me not once, but like 2 times in pvp while I had a full inventory of cactus.
Uh.. bye I guess, I never really know how to end these things off. Have fun in life :P

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You know I care when I actually read the whole post :P anyways, good luck Noodzz with what ever you accomplish and endeavor in life. :D

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You son of a nugget


Wow just wow tbh i never thought never considered that this day would come that you would be leaving te you where the first ever staff member i really got to know in game we had a lot of fun playing around boxing each other or trapping me in my safe with world edit.... that you shouldn't have had xD you have always been a cool as hell dude and bloody hell this fish is gonna miss you not seeing you in te every now and again nor having you my faction leader again i hope i still see you around and we can stay in touch cause i do class you as a friend and i hope you class me as one too.

I wish you the best of luck on what ever you plan on moving on to next 
You will always bee the one and only Barbie girl to me f8x881e.png4hIcoaY.png

Love ya Nodles <3

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MOM! Another staff member is leaving ;-;

Well didn't met you ingame but still thanks for making this server great and wish you a good luck in life :)


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Today I get to learn a lot about the past of TE. As I've been trying to learn about this server since I joined. I have seen you few times man. Never got to know you that much. T.E is indeed like a family. 

We all gotta move on someday sooner or later. 


Hopefully you found and get on your awesome adventure soon. And Hopefully someday you come back to tell us the tale. 

Till then.. Farewell, Ta Ta


Godspeed Buddy!

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Ah.....a staff will be leave TE soon...goodluck for your live ^^ although idk u lol



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good luck on whatever u do noodzz and i want to thank bcuz helping me clearing 25 chunk with WE! 





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I will miss you brother. I hope to see you again someday and wish and hope the best for you in everything you pursue. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have met you. I've tried but I'm not good with that kinda stuff and it just comes out as sarcasm but I am thankful. for more than I could ever put into words. good luck brother and I wish you nothing but happiness and best of luck

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Just have a god life noodz, and be carefull whit the green stuff :)



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I wish you the best Noodzz
we don't know each other but
whatever you gonna do now or in future good luck and work hard for it
It is hard to us , we wish you the good life and good health
Please visite us from time to time :)


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~Goodbye Noodzz


P'S It's saddening to see another old member, who was pretty chill as a staff member too, leave. Surely I witnessed one of the last good times in TE even though I joined towards the end of that time period, But even so, I met many great people that defined TeamExtreme for me. It's always not going to be same when I log into Minecraft again and will never possibly be.

Goodbye, enjoy life~

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Hope to see you back in future :o




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I guess everyone is indeed losing interest in TE now. How unfortunate. You will be missed Noodzz, and I would also like to thank you for helping me out on my gfarm problems

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Goodluck in your future endeavours!


If you still have a heart for community & MC.. you'll let me know!

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