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[Official] Avalon Faction Chat And Recruitment Page (B3)

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Welcome to the Avalon recruitment page 



Long Live King Arthuria!




We are a new faction in B3, Build World of the Team Extreme Server. Our faction is mainly aimed at making the best medieval walled city. If you think you’ve got some good skill and would love to help out and make more friends do apply to our faction

This factions needs some real professionals, loyal members, here you can show off your skills ! 



Available facilities: food farms, zombie farm, skeleton farm, poisonous spider farm, and pigman farm. Walled land claims, Y=88 high, completed with huge glass grid to help city planner. Newbie and pro player welcomed, no mandatory job, use merit system for ranks. 



¨       Absolutely  NO GRIEFING .  If you haven’t placed the block, do not break it.
¨       If you do not own the chest, do not take items from it or break it. Make sure you lock your own chests

           as well. DO NOT STEAL. 
¨       Build only on the plot provided to you (in case of temporary apartment, floor provided per person). DO           NOT BUILD OUTSIDE YOUR PLOT. If you want another plot to build something, contact the Prime

           Minister, do not beg/spam.

¨      You may use/sell from farm but replant it.

¨       Do not build anything OFFENSIVE on your plot. No boxes type of houses allowed, no single material

           houses, and no building above ground. All land that touches sunlight belongs to the King. Only build in apartment floor (in EXODUS ERA) or on plot provided in underground city (ARTHURIA ERA)
¨      You can see other building , you help them but please don't irritate someone who is  building or doing some work ,IF YOU SPAM YOU CAN BE DEMOTED TO A RECRUIT .

¨    GET MINING RIGHTS if you want to help excavate, payment in cobble or ingame money (cheap). Payment will be used for faction expansions.
¨   VIOLATION OF ANY ABOVE-STATED RULES CAN  RESULT IN KICKING FROM THE FACTION and might also lead to a ban from the server depending on the severity of the offense.


Plans for the faction

- Build Central Tower

- Excavate ALL blocks under faction to make room for the Forbidden City

- Build Walled Medieval City with its entire facilities: Library, Art Museum, Bank, Hotel, Post

  Office, Cathedral, Fortress and Defensive Structures, and more 

- Expand 


Note: As we are still excavating the blocks under faction, ALL member currently live in temporary apartment, after excavation is complete, ALL member will get 4 chunks each (distributed gradually as your rank progresses - ranks updated weekly by Prime Minister)



- Prime Minister (Leader)

- Minister (Officer, only 2 position available)

- Grand Duke (Only 4 position available) 

  Control quarter of kingdom including its citizen and nobles, by Prime Minister's permission

- Duke

- Marquess

- Earl

- Viscount

- Baron

- Citizen (Member)

- Travelers (Recruit)


Format (copy this)

Follow the given format and reply to this topic! Make sure you write your answers well biggrin.png

  • In game name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Birthday (optional):
  • Country and TImezone (in GMT):
  • How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
  • How long have you been playing on the Team Extreme Server?:
  • Are you VIP?(If yes, what level?):
  • How many hours do you play daily on the server?:
  • What are you good at?(Mining, building, redstone, enchanting -  please add images to describe it):
  • What previous factions were you in and why did you leave them?:
  • Have you ever been banned before? If yes, then please tell us :
  • Why do you want to apply to our faction?: 

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Meep 2

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Could staff close this thread? We make a new one, thank you :D


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