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Paintball Bug

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Date: after the paintball leaderboard reset

Approximate time: N/A

Timezone: N/A

Server(s): Paintball (CTF)

In-Game Name: ReapedLesser

Minecraft version: 1.10.2

Describe the issue: I cant hit players for near range like 3-4 blocks but not vice-versa. This is too much annoying. Player hide in towers with 4x4 space with the flag, and surprisingly, you cant kill them at all. This causes a lot of problem. Please look into this issue. It says - "You cant use that here"

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Just see a video uploaded by "ralfeh" which gives a good look of paintball when this bug didnt existed. 

Relevant information (screenshots, error messages, crash reports, coordinates): "You cant use that here". When you try to hit from close range, but opponent can hit you. I may upload a video on this if you want.

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