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The Long Goodbye

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Goodbye dude. I always try to keep shopperz stocked with arrows when I can:p The xp warps were awesome too before the shop world and before I got VIP.

In game name is also Quadratic.



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i think i just died a little on the inside.  :(


i might as well bore you with a story since you're self-obligated to read these replies.  :P

i remember one of my noobier time, back when pumpkin runs were a thing (and i wasnt evip yet), i acquired a ~4 chunk pumpkin farm from wilderness that was missing all things redstone and was asking for a world edit favor in global. ofc, you were online and working on something and didn't really have the time but i kept trying to negotiate some form of help since it was a large build to work with. eventually noodzz, who was also online at the time, just said, why dont you just come off and let kyzer play for you. lol

then there's the time i took ~3 days wandering the deserts of TE looking for shrubbery. i think i got 420 and gave them to you for your birthday. (i had not too long joined phoenix at the time)

then when winter pvp came around, ofc you were testing a 1v1 pvp system i went 1v1 with you a couple rounds. i didnt win but i'm sure i gave you a run for your money!  :D


anywho, thanks for all your efforts and contributions to TE and it's community. even regular players like myself know the part you played in getting v3 on it's feet was monumental. i wish you success in everything you do. i hope someday you decide to pop back in the server and decide to stick around for a while.

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Thanks to Data for the neat sig ;D



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will sure miss u Kyzer 

i made one but idk how to put it on this shet. ._.



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I should have posted this much earlier than now, but had to formulate it correctly over grammatical details  :P


At any rate, Kyzer, thanks for sharing your experience here on TE. While it makes me think more about how I should've spent more time during the V2 days as opposed to getting frustrated over having to sneak into the 150-player cap by chance, it also is a great tale of one of the backbones to making TE the amazing server it is today, in both the back- and the community-end. All the best in your endeavours from here on out.


It has been a pleasure and an honour to get to know you from the encounters we have (and have not) had.

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I joined this server a year ago, played 3 months in complete derpness, then inactive for 8 mouth, then joined back and now understand what TE is, but still i have very few friends here, most of other i know them by just name, as i haven't good chat with them because of my less social behavior. but by reading everyone's post/speach, it getting in my knowledge that you have contributed alot to the server and never to be forgotten. actully i am a big fan of your client mods and without those mods its difficult to play on server, i fear no more updates if in near future server updated to newer version, unless someone takeover sorcecode. anyway, all the best for you life, even thow you mentioned this as "long goodbye", long is not last btw, i had similar thread, but after 8 month got back to TE, as minecraft == TE; in my mind lol, hopefully you do same, for now GOOD BYE :)

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I can't seem to formulate everything I want to say at this particular moment... But, thank you Kyzer for being that example of a staff member that I strive to be

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Im sad to see you go kyzer, Me and you spent alot of time together doing all sorts of things in-game and on Teamspeak.

I regret that i haven't been around TE as much as i have wanted since there's been a lot of other stuff going on. TE is like my second home, at least hundreds if not thousands of hours i have spent here doing anything and everything, And quite a modest sum of that was with you in Shockerz. HOURS of listening to Country music while working on faction stuff, events, or V3, you name it, and to this day you still haven't sang me a full song.


Honestly nearing the last couple of weeks before i took a break from minecraft you was either gone, asleep, or was hidden with Ebel and i didn't want to bug you about nonsense. (I probably should have anyways :P) But, i don't know much about logging into the server but i would be happy if you would at least hang around the Teamspeak/Discord to hang out with the community in your free time.

I hope you read this and think about it, if not stick around the server then come find meh so we can keep in contact. Ive even taken the time to write and run this through the Parser that you made for me :D

I am sad to see you leave so many things that we have worked hard on together.

I hope you stay close my friend ;-;/


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There goes a TeamExtreme legend.


I wasn’t quite sure if yet another goodbye, coming from me, would be appropriate amongst these people that can proclaim to have actually known you a bit. Nor did I think it would mean much to me to see yet another “oldie” go. But after reading through your goodbye I was surprisingly moved and shocked. I still am a little sad about it.

You were Inktvis! I still can’t really believe it. But I’m glad I got to know you like that. It was a one of kind player, easy to talk to, making nice buildings and actually getting how factions and building worked.  Someone you encounter maybe once in a year, let alone see in your faction?! I’ve been doing a lot of /seen Inktvis in the hope of catching  you online and now this…


I can’t promise to stop doing /seen Inktvis, like I do for several who’ve left now and I hope to see again some day ;)


Goodbye Kyzer!


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sad to see another player leave.. you will be missed :/

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