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Bug In Pvp

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Date: 29/9/2017
Approximate time: before 5 min of this post time
Server(s): Nether 
In-Game Name: megoodme/Mazen_selim22
Minecraft version: ask Mazen
Describe the issue: me and mazen was having a fight in pvp and suddnly he froze and logged out.
he came back normally and got a warring for combat leaving as he told me. then we continue the fight and he froze off again and logged out. 
then the auto killing system logged him in and have to kill him for logging and while its happening(or at the same time) mazen logged in and appeared to be 2 mazens at the same time one is frozen and to be killed and the other is moving and alive with both of them armor and inventory.
then the frozzen one got killed by the auto logging system and his items fall on the ground and i got most of the items as shown in the screenshot. its like his items got duplicated. and he still alive. 
we went out of pvp and he went to his build and stored his items while he i went to my build and stored his items as well. 
in the pvp lobby he appeared with 0hp moving and he even hit him self with arrow without being killed.
i had to make this report so people dont abuse it and start copying items like crazy and abuse the server. you guys must act fast before any one see it and start abusing it.
good luck guys. by the way i have his items in chest, can i keep it or should i destroy it ? i dont want to be banned for this. just wanted to help the server.
thanks.    :)
Steps to reproduce the issue:
Relevant information (screenshots, error messages, crash reports, coordinates):
Error message:

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I destroyed the dupe items, But as soon as player went to nether world, The damage was added to him. Killing the player in lobby.


Apparently the fresh items the player took were not dropped upon his death.


Items lost during this have been replaced.

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