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The 2 Best Resource Pack You Can Use Them Together

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Hi my name is DestructionX and you can notice that i posted some resource packs on digital arts and how to use a pack so guys today i found 2 resource packs that are compatible together BUT NOTICE USE THESE RESOURCE PACKS IN VERSIONS 1.10--->1.12.1 SO NOT UNDER 1.10 so what are these resource pack you may ask and i will give you the answer and the links to them. So lets talk about the first one, the resource pack i will talk about it now is not like any other pack that looks dumb and childish the one i am talking about is a realistic medival resource pack that will blow your minds because it is so awesome because it gives you to see the game more realistic and nice and the link to that pack is http://minecraftsix....-resource-pack/ and then you have the other pack that i think you would love using it because it is a weapons and armor life and i don't mean the life bar i mean how it will look when you see someone using it because each time the health go out the armor looks more destroyed and the weapon will be like fating and that is good a lot because you will know about what you buying sometimes and how much your weapons health is and the link for that pack is  http://minecraftsix.com/damaged-items-resource-pack/ and yeah guys when you download the resource pack you will find it in download so when you want to activate it go too downloads folder and then go back to minecraft open options and go to resource pack then click on open resource pack files and then copy the zip file resource pack from download to the resource pack file and close both files then go to game and do done then re-enter to resource pack and choose the pack and yeah both resource packs can be used together 

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Man, calm down with the threads about these resource packs, please...

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Hi my name is DestructionX 


Man... Self introduction on post never really fail to give cringe on me deym... I guess my name Dracu and this is my post???





Resource pack is another ripoff of Conquest medieval pack... Never gets old.

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