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Hello Guys And This Is Resource Pack Activation Tutorial

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hello guys and this is your boy DestructionX and today and now i will tell you how to get a resource pack and how to activate it, so now to get a resource pack that is easy because i am starting posting the awesome packs and giving the links, so guys when you download the resource pack from your browser it won't go to the resource pack file in minecraft because it is saved in downloads so what you need to do is open the downloads file and open minecraft so leave the download open and when minecraft is opened go to options then resource packs and if you no find the resource pack you downloaded go to open resource pack file, so when that opens you have to go back to the downloads folder and copy the downloaded resource pack to the resource pack folder and then close both folders and if the pack doesn't show up just do done and open the resource pack in options again and select the pack and then press done and now your pack is working on the version of minecraft your using 

so that was your boy DestructionX and PEACE 

and if you ever want to talk to me on minecraft teamextreme server i am also called DestructionX in minecraft


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