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Smuggler Exposer

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Sorry if this is the wrong place, didn't know where to post. 

Your in-game name: MIssSalty

Faction Name (if applicable):

What was taken:

Where it was taken from:

Coordinates (X, Y, Z) type out the coordinates, do not refer to a picture:

Server / World:

Who you suspect and why: eswe

Screenshots (if any):  http://imgur.com/a/NgOE0


I don't have the screen shots of him selling the code, but he also Pm'd me to taunt me about his multiple accounts and VPNS and how he doesn't care if he's banned, he'll get around it. 

Also the code was posted in /ch g. 



Who you suspect and why: hacker01

sat in the entryway for about ten minutes watching this guy guiding people to the den. 


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Banned the first guy for ban evading, but please do not report for issues related to the smuggler's den code.

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