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Dragonfyre Recruitment Thread. B1. Leader Is Littleangel.

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Your InGame Name: GRIMMY


How Old are you: 12


 What Country you are from? Only if you want to say, we accept everywhere though tongue.png Singapore :D



How long have you been a member of TE? about 9 months


How many times have you been banned? I was banned once before by kenace


If you have been banned... what was it for? I was banned because I killed someone accidentally with a flint and steel


What was your old faction? And why did you leave it? prolanderz because it was inactive


Are you prepared to build in Medievil style? Or learn it? I am prepared to build a medieval style I learnt it by my own


Do you have any Screenshots of your awesome builds to show us? sry... I don't have one


Something random about yourself.. I am active at least 5 times a week


And finally... Why do you wish to join DragonFyre? I wanted to join because I wanted to make a faction stronger and better and increase my abilities of building



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LittleAngel, if you're watching this, i wanted to say im sorry for being offline... Can you reinvite me?



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