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A New Dedicated Shop World

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    can i haz fraction

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type /brewer in chat while you are in shopworld :3

sorry but those commands are now don't work I am a builder and a brewery in game but where can I find him!!




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i found so many anomalies, like in sercrate room i found ***** (i wont say), then mayor's building basement door no entry, then in Redstone shop there is iron trapdoor to way below (no way to open it), more trapdoor just out backside of restone shop middle of road and a skull hid in it, then a NPC under cauldron at inn (Why..why?why????), thats all for now.

i'll shere more anomalies if i found ;) and do me a favor dont answer.

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I dunno, I think navigating through a village seems a bit too much trouble for new players. The old admin shop made it easier. I like the thing you made for player shops, though. It's very convenient and it doesn't change your position in any of the other worlds.


Thanks to DXT for this awesome signature!

Thanks for all your support, im finally Vip! couldnt have done it without you!




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Guys, there are signs at the spawn that show where each NCP is...

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Guys, there are signs at the spawn that show where each NCP is...


You mean NPC right?  :P

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